Ever tried to make sense of what you are paying for with your current PBX / PABX provider? Do you get charged for every change you make or some other crazy scheme to make it look affordable but bankrupt you with the fine print?

At Buzzbox we believe in simplicity and transparency! Here’s what it costs:

+ Your first extension is R79 (ex VAT) and includes your first phone number FREE.

For each additional phone number, you will pay R18 (ex VAT) per month (normally you only need one for a small business. You can start with one and add more as you go along)

+ R79 per additional user per month (extension)
+ Buzzbox to Buzzbox calls are FREE
+ Receiving calls are FREE
+Call recordings are charged at R1.80 (Ex VAT) per GB of storage per month.
That’s about R1.80 per 1000 minutes of recordings

Call Charges

Description Price Per Minute
Local Mobile Numbers 0.69 (excl. VAT)
Normal Landlines 0.30 (excl. VAT)

+You pay per second from the first second for all outgoing phone calls

So let’s say you have a business with 10 people and each person needs an extension (e.g. 60001 to 60010) and your business needs only your one external phone number +27 01 012 3456 for incoming and outgoing calls. Your bill per month will be R790 ex VAT plus calls. You will be charged to your credit card at the end of the month and you can buy airtime with your credit card for calls at any point (usage is prepaid).

Examples (remember the first number is free):

External NumbersExtensionsMonthly Cost (Excl)
1030R2 532
2020R1 922