Why your PABX/Switchboard needs to be in the cloud

By Mike Smits

Our ability to communicate has vastly improved from the days of the telegraph, a simple method of pushing electric pulses over a wire to send a message. We still use pulses, but they are quite a bit more sophisticated these days. As the technology improved over the decades, so has our communications methods, from landline phones to mobile-based text messages and everything in between.

For businesses today, even online ones, the ability to communicate with suppliers and customers is more business-critical than it’s ever been. Ease of access and flexibility in how you communicate allows business owners to focus on what really matters, new customer acquisition and sustainable growth.

But there’s a small problem that most business face when employing new staff. It’s not the ability to stay connected, it’s the company’s ability to keep track and control over business communications. Today, many organizations allow their staff to use their personal mobile phones to conduct business, indeed, it makes sense as they always have their smartphone with them and there’s no hardware outlay required by the business. Although the simplest solution, this does not make business sense in the long run. For one thing, when your staff moves on, the customer does not always get updated on the change of numbers.

In other industries, such as support and services, it’s also not possible to monitor calls or provide call-centre like services for staff on the road. Even recording calls for legal purposes can prove problematic outside of the office.

Buzzbox addresses all these issues in a single application. Desk phones can be added where they are needed but most of your work force can simply use the app as their main phone. You’ll get all the benefits off a powerful PABX system with the power of cloud-based communication behind it, in the palm of your hand.

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